General Procedure of Purchasing International Property

1. Sign Letter of Intent and pay reservation fee* (non-refundable) 

2. Prepare ID copy and address proof 

3. Assign developer to provide contract 

4. First payment: 10%-25% of the property value (suggested to TT the amount to developer within 14 days) 

5. Sign and exchange contract in Hong Kong

6. For off plan properties, buyer should apply for mortgage 3-6 month prior to completion

7. Building Inspection/Completion/Arrange final payment

8. Assign rental management company (Optional) 

*Generally, the procedure is completed within 7-21 days.
*The actual amount depends on the property value
* Duration depends on project/property, mostly 2 to 4 weeks, could be up to 4 years for off plan properties

Find out more details on how to purchase a specific country's property.

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