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A residence at Horseshoe Bay means the rare opportunity to live beside pristine nature, while also having all the advantages of a cosmopolitan urban region of nearly three million people. Horseshoe Bay is a compact coastal village with some hidden gems. Heading east along Marine Drive past the yachting centre of Eagle Harbour, there are a string of larger urban villages with a huge range of shops, services, cafés and restaurants.

Some of the world’s most acclaimed townscapes are at the juncture of verdant mountains with rocky seashores. At the eastern end of the Italian Riviera is Portofino, an enchanting ring of pastel-hued houses around a tiny piazzetta and harbour. Each house is slightly different, but they ring the rocks and march up the hill as one, a beautiful synthesis of natural beauty with architecture adapted to place. At Horseshoe Bay, we are dedicated to a similar synthesis.

Horseshoe Bay is located at the heart of one of the world’s most diverse and inviting landscapes for outdoor recreation. Threaded through this dramatic landscape are engaging coastal villages and organized sports facilities such as golf courses and ski resorts. Imagine your days, your seasons, with choices like these so close at hand.

There is no greater challenge to an architect than a magnificent natural site. How can new buildings nestle within rocks, forest and shore in a manner that complements nature, not diminishes it? How can new communities evolve a sense of home for their residents? How can we shape buildings that meet contemporary needs but are graced with a sense of timelessness? These are the challenges that faced architect Paul Merrick as they composed their ideas for Horseshoe Bay.

Westcoast Architecture To enhance the marina and public paths defining one edge of Horseshoe Bay’s harbour, and then make new places to live above them is one of the greatest challenges of Paul Merrick’s architectural career. He drew on a lifetime of experience to understand and solve the opportunities at this, one of the most magnificent building sites on Canada’s Pacific coast.

The public spaces and resident’s amenity areas at Horseshoe Bay will be as pleasant by night as they are by day. Westbank is developing a custom series of sculptural lighting fixtures touched with whimsy and creativity, a ring of shining artworks that will define the waterfronthere. These early sketches from Paul Merrick’s office show a range of potential designs, all of them graced with the organic-meets-urban aesthetic at the heart of their re-conception of Horseshoe Bay.

Horseshoe Bay’s interiors and architectural details continue a bold tradition of total design in West Vancouver. Merrick Architects take inspiration from West Coast Modern, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Arts and Crafts movement in their fully-conceived system of interior appointments, light fixture designs, details in wood and the visual language for the lobby at Horseshoe Bay.

Horseshoe Bay’s exterior details in natural wood and integrally coloured walls frame the homes they enclose. Interiors continue this aesthetic, with textures and colours inside carefully selected for this special location. In preparing their drawings, the architect studied the leaves, rocks and branches of the surrounding forests, the harbour’s rich maritime legacy of handmade boats, and local traditions of bold modernist architecture. These particular choices ensure that each home will be as memorable inside as the exterior architecture and public spaces that surround them.

Property Summary

Starting Price CAD 485 516
Price up to CAD 8 008 044 Min Unit Size 584 sqft Max Unit Size 3511 sqft Address 6695 Nelson Ave, West Vancouver, Canada
Unit Type 1 - 3 Beds Number of Units 158 Number of Blocks 5 Property Tenure Freehold
Developer Westbank Projects Corp. Est. Completion Date January, 2019 Cost to Purchase Parking Yes


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