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Vibrant new homes with community at its heart. - New Cross Central.

Located at the centre of an up-and-coming, exciting quarter of Manchester, New Cross is a neighbourhood full of personality and individuality. A place to make your mark. New Cross Central is inspired by the history and character of Manchester. Homes are housed in a robust red brick exterior paying homage to the iconic buildings around the city. Inside, there are exposed concrete walls that are influenced by the raw beauty of industrial Manchester. 

...With 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom townhouses and unique penthouses for sale, the choice is yours for your new home in New Cross.
Manchester’s new quarter

The district of New Cross was once the centre of production for Penny Broadsides in the 18th and 19th century. It will now be transformed into one of the most exciting new neighbourhoods in Manchester once again, making it a hub of activity.

The New Cross development strategy set out by Manchester City Council will see hundreds of apartments and townhouses that will regenerate and transform one of the last undeveloped parts of the city centre. New Cross will create a new public space, improved walking and transport links and seamlessly knit the area into the growth and expansion of the city centre.

>New Cross is the last piece of the Manchester city centre jigsaw, creating an opportunity unlike any other. New Cross Central will be at the heart of this transformation.

A place to make your mark

New Cross Central is perfectly positioned to explore the cultural highlights of Manchester. You can be in the heart of the Northern Quarter in less than a five-minute walk. From there, you’re spoilt for choice with independent shops, restaurants and bars to pick from.

Up-and-coming Ancoats is right on your doorstep too, with everything from co-working spaces, to pizzerias and breweries. New Cross Central doesn’t just have exciting surroundings, the vision is to create a new neighbourhood. A place that is community-focused, with events that make residents from neighbouring districts come to visit. Known as Manchester’s creative hub, the streets are bustling with modern street art, incredible architecture and independent traders.

Far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the centre but only a 10 minute walk away from Manchester’s major travel routes, The Northern Quarter is the perfect place to work. From creative agencies to solicitors, Manchester welcomes all. If you’re a new start up, then we have plenty of co-working spaces for you to choose from, and for larger companies, we have stunning, red brick buildings that span over several floors.

Unique homes that stand out from the crowd

The distinct building designed by award winning architects Hawkins\Brown stands out from the crowd.

The unique architectural design offers a place to live, work and play for all. Designed with community in mind, the double-height entrance space will form a high-quality shared area for residents to socialise.

More than your average apartment building, New Cross Central has been designed to take advantage of natural light. All homes are dual aspect, allowing you to see views in more than one direction. Each home has its front door opening to the sky, so residents can feel the peace of a residential street in a city location.

Centred around community.

Centred on creating a neighbourhood, there are plenty of ideal spaces for residents to relax and socialise in. Whether it’s getting to know each other in the urban oasis of the communal landscaped courtyard, or having a quick catch-up in the spacious entrance lobby. New Cross Central provides the space for a harmonious community.

A place for individuals.

The townhouses open onto a private garden, a great place to socialise with friends and neighbours whilst soaking up the sun. Apartments overlook the central courtyard, the hub of New Cross Central’s residential community. The roof terraces take advantage of the sun and have views back to the city centre, making the terraces a great place for entertaining.

These stunning new apartments provide owners with stylish, contemporary living as part of this thriving community, New Cross Central is the perfect place to call home.

An oasis for the like-minded

Homes at New Cross Central have been designed around a serene landscaped courtyard. The carefully selected planting and central feature tree will provide a year-round burst of nature for all residents. With front doors opening to the sky, a walk through the courtyard is a perfect way to start your day. Positioned planting will guide people through the area and frame views for residents, allowing the courtyard to become a hub for the residential community. The courtyard’s colour palette provides natural, earthy tones that form a neutral backdrop for residents to add their own personal touch.

Quality interiors with a personal touch

New Cross Central blends ultra-modern style and raw beauty. A combination of exposed concrete walls and ceilings, with high-quality interior finishes. These include the gorgeous wood floors and natural quartz worktops. Bathrooms feature crafted wall tiling and brass taps, while master bedrooms have pendant lamps and walk-in wardrobes. All homes have an abundance of natural light, and residents can add a personal touch by picking a light or dark colour palette to suit their taste.

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Property Summary

Starting Price GBP 240 000
Min Unit Size 564 sqft Max Unit Size 1448 sqft Address Land Bounded by Addington Street & Cross Key Street, New Cross, Manchester Nearest Station Victoria Station
Unit Type 1 - 3 Beds Number of Units 80 Number of Blocks 1 Building Storey 9 Property Tenure Leasehold 250 years commencing on 26 April 2017
Developer Far East Consortium Completion Date 2022 Parking N/A


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