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Perth Hub will fuse old and new by connecting the lively suburb of Northbridge with Perth’s vibrant CBD for the first time in 100 years. And it will do it in style. Positioned at the western end of Perth City Link precinct, Perth Hub will be the perfect combination of contemporary residential accommodation, world class arts and entertainment, shopping and dining, lush gardens, bustling squares and an extensive transport network on your doorstep – a true celebration of the very best that city living has to offer. World-regarded pristine beaches are also easily accessed from this lively precinct. 

With Perth Central Train Station and Perth Underground Busport at your doorstep, the city of Perth is all yours. You are a hop, skip and a jump away from the best facilities in Perth including the University of Western Australia, elite schools such as St. George’s Grammar School and Mercedes College, and the Royal Perth Hospital.

Perth Hub occupies the city block bordered by Wellington, Milligan, Maaman Streets and Telethon Avenue, and will offer residents and visitors a unique urban lifestyle experience to rival the world’s most iconic cities. Located to the west is RAC Arena Perth (formerly Perth Arena), WA’s landmark home of live entertainment, music and sports events. To the north lies Milligan Steps, a vibrant pedestrian-only ‘Spanish steps’ style plaza that bridges Perth City to the vibrant entertainment district of Northbridge. The vision for Milligan Steps is a hub of restaurants, cafes and bars. Kings Square encompasses the eastern corner with its commercial headquarters, Wellington Gardens’ urban landscapes and its laneways of restaurants, cafes and bars. Slightly further east is Yagan Square – Perth’s latest attraction and ‘the’ place to meet, eat, shop and play. Wellington Street, a tree-lined boulevard running west-east with free city loop bus stops and dedicated cycle paths, forms the southern border. From here you can literally step into the Perth CBD.

Perth Hub, within Perth City Link, sits between the popular shopping strips of King Street, Perth and Lake Street, Northbridge providing unlimited access to the crème-de-la-crème of fashion in the city. Also surrounded by a number of corporate headquarters, a limitless array of cafes, bars, a gym, supermarket, childcare centre and newly opened Palace Cinema, there will be no shortage of activity in Perth’s newest commercial and retail precinct.

With over 80 kilometres of sun, sea and sand to be enjoyed along Perth’s spectacular coastline, residents and visitors alike will play from sunrise to Indian Ocean sunset. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer, the surfy-type or on a family holiday with the kids, Perth’s array of breathtaking beaches offers pristine ocean-waters for everyone to enjoy. 

Access to Kings Park and Botanic Garden is within 1km of Perth Hub. This stunning natural icon will become very much a part of your life. At 400 hectares, Kings Park is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner-city parks. Home to over 3,000 species of the state’s unique flora, visitors can enjoy sweeping views of the Swan and Canning Rivers, the city skyline and the Darling Ranges to the east.

The Perth Cultural Centre is located a short stroll from Perth Hub and is home to many of the State’s major cultural and education institutions, including the Art Gallery of WA, the State Library of WA, The Museum of WA and the State Theatre Centre of WA, which features the Heath Ledger Theatre. Home to Perth’s iconic Fringe Festival, this precinct has been transformed into a premier-events destination, becoming a favourite meeting spot for locals and visitors alike. Perth Hub is surrounded by Perth’s art and cultural scene – immerse yourself in the museums, galleries and heritage theatres. They’re all waiting for you to experience and explore.

Designed by Cottee Parker Architects, Perth Hub will provide thirty levels of contemporary, residential apartments in the heart of Perth. A seven-storey podium will sit at the base of the tower, which will conveniently incorporate resident amenities, car parking, commercial and retail spaces. A lush sky garden waistband will separate the podium from the residential tower, completing this ultimate city-living package. ARCHITECTURE INSPIRED BY THE ENVIRONMENT The architectural design is contemporary, sculptural and unique whilst drawing on the context of its nearby city landmarks – the geometric forms of RAC Arena Perth to the west, the glass towers of Kings Square and the organic contours of Yagan Square to the east. The tower is envisaged as a polished and crystalline glass jewel. It is elegant and timeless, capturing changing ‘dappled reflections’ of Perth’s city skyline, famous clear blue skies and stunning sunsets. The podium is grand and civic in nature, reflecting the scale of the RAC Arena Perth, as well as its prime position on the Wellington Street boulevard. The precast concrete has a robust honest materiality with textural references to the fine pitting and layering of peeling paperbark trees – which were the site’s native flora centuries ago. This is contrasted with the delicate ‘strata seams’ of glass and perforated metal of the concealed carpark openings. 

Perth Hub residents will enter via a spectacular hotel-like lobby with soaring 6m ceilings, backlit feature glass lanterns and design references to the site’s history. A dedicated onsite building manager will ensure all of the building’s services run smoothly, serving as a key point of contact for all resident enquiries.

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Property Summary

Starting Price AUD 370 000
Min Unit Size 597 sqft Max Unit Size 1205 sqft Address 600 Wellington Street, Perth, WA 6000 Nearest Station Perth Train Station
Unit Type 1 - 3 Beds Number of Units 314 Number of Blocks 2 Building Storey 30 Property Tenure Freehold
Developer Far East Consortium International Limited Completion Date 2022 Parking 217 Parking Spaces


Swimming Pool / Infinity Edge Pool / Sauna Room / Lounge / Private Dining Room / Concierge / Gymasium / Yoga Room / Barbeque Area / Outdoor terrace

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